Today is November 14, 2019

Address Signs



     Every second counts during a fire,police or medical emergency. Valuable time can be lost if your address number is not clearly posted where emergency responders can see it.

     In an effort to locate your home duringan emergency, the Xenia Township Firefighters Community Association is offeringa 6” x 18” reflective sign that can clearly display your street address. These signs are invaluable to firefighters, paramedics or police officers who may be looking for your home during an emergency.

     The signs can be installed easily on mailbox posts and will allow your street address

to be prominently displayed on both sides of the sign. They ensure visibility, even during high grass or snow conditions.

     Address locator signs are $12.00 and, ifyou choose, can be installed free of charge by the Fire Department.  Please click here to download a pdf form, fill out lower portion and return it with your check made out to the Xenia Township Fire Association. You will receive a call when your sign is ready. Please allow 2-3 weeks for signs to be installed or completed. Call 372-7857 for additional order information.

     It is suggested that signs be installed on mailbox posts only. This will result in a uniform look throughout the community and will allow emergency personnel to better locate your address. If you are requesting Fire Department installation, please indicate somewhere on your order form if you have a metal mailbox post as opposed to wood. (Metal may take slightly longer to install.)

     If you are installing your sign, please make sure the bottom of the sign is at least 1 foot from the ground. This will provide for easy visibility in the event of high foliage (grass, weeds and bushes). Also, it is best to install vertically and on the backside of the mailbox post. This installation will make the sign more secure during snow plowing operations and will help guard the sign against drive-by vandalism.

Yes, I would like to have an address locator sign!                                                                 

Name: ______________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________

Daytime phone number: ________________________________


q Iwill install my own sign. (enclose check for $12.00)

q Please install a sign for me (enclose a check for $12.00)

Signs installed by Fire Department will be placed only on mail posts.                                                                                                   

               Important!  PLEASE INDICATE:___  Vertical or ___  Horizontal     




                   Mail to:  Xenia Township Firefighters CommunityAssociation

                       P.O. Box 911

                                          Xenia, OH 45385