Today is December 08, 2019

Fire Inspections For Homes and Businesses





Xenia Township Fire Department has state certified inspectors that will inspect your home or business by appointment. Call 372-7857 between 8 - 4 p.m. week days to schedule your inspection.- Some of what to expect for your home survey:

Home Fire Safety Survey

A. Introduction
Most fires involving a loss of life occur in the home
Home fire safety surveys are not code compliance inspections

B. Firefighter responsibilities
We will provide proper identification
Our primary interest is to prevent a fire
We will compliment when favorable conditions are found
We do not order that corrections must be made when hazards are found
We will make constructive comments regarding the elimination of hazardous conditions
We will survey the basement, attic, utility room, storage rooms, kitchen, and garage and keep the survey confidential

C. Conducting the survey
We will be alert for signs of the most common causes of fires
     a. Heating appliances
     b. Cooking procedures
     c. Smoking materials
     d. Electrical distribution
     e. Electrical appliances
     f. Combustible or flammable liquids
Interior survey concerns
     a. Combustible materials
          1) Stored properly
          2) Proximity to registers or heating appliances
     b. Appliances
          1) Proper operation
          2) Maintenance
          3) Condition
     c. Electrical wiring and equipment
          1) Old, frayed, or exposed wiring
          2) Improperly installed electrical conductors
          3) Unprotected light bulbs
          4) Improperly maintained equipment
     d. Portable heating units
          1) Listed with testing laboratory
          2) Adequately spaced from combustible furniture
     e. Woodstoves or fireplaces
          1) Properly installed
          2) Clear of combustibles
          3) Vent pipe in good condition
          4) Chimney cleaned and maintained
     f. Heating fuel
          1) Where stored 
          2) Proper ash disposal procedure
     g. General housekeeping practices
          1) Ash trays for smoking materials
          2) Matches and lighters out of reach of children
          3) Open flame used safely
          4) Exhaust vents and dryer vents cleaned regularly
     h. Smoke detectors
          1) Installed
          2) Tested on regular basis for responsive to smoke and battery operation
     i. Electrical distribution panels
          1) Circuit protection
          2) Clearance
     j. Gas appliances
          1) Improper clearance to combustible materials
          2) Automatic gas control safety devices
          3) Condition of vents
          4) Possible gas leaks
     k. Oil burning installations
          1) Annual service records
          2) Condition of oil burners, chimney pipes, supply tanks, and piping
     l. Furnaces, hot water heaters, and vent pipes
          1) Properly installed
          2) Clear of combustibles
          3) Vent pipe in good condition
          4) Hot water temperature set to prevent injury
     m. Shop or work rooms
          1) Good housekeeping
          2) Safe and orderly storage of materials
     n. Accumulated waste - no stacks of paper, discarded furniture, old rags, or improperly stored items
     o. Flammable liquids
          1) Flammable sprays, chemicals, and other dangerous solutions properly stored
          2) Out of reach of children