Today is January 22, 2018


Zoning Department

Alan Stock 
Zoning Inspector

Zoning Permits are required for all structures being built, including sheds, pools, decks, and fences.
On this site you can find answers to many zoning related questions and permit application forms may be printed.
The Zoning Department Office is located at
8 Brush Row Road, Xenia, Ohio 45385.
If you have questions that are not answered through this site, please call us at
FAX (937)372-3343 or e-mail

Have you ever wanted to find zoning on property in Xenia Township? 

You can now find this information by using the following link:



   Zoning Resolution
   Xenia Township Zoning Map
   Zoning Permit Questions
   Zoning Department Organization
   Setback & Lot Requirements
   Fee Schedule
Zoning Applications:   Zoning Permit Application
   Variance Application
   Zone Change Application
   Home Occupation Zoning Permit Application
 Brochures:  Zoning Permit Brochure
   Before You Buy or Build Brochure


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