The Xenia Township Public Works/Road Department is dedicated to providing residents with prompt and efficient services while maintaining a commitment to public safety as our top priority. We are responsible for conducting maintenance and improvements to Township-owned equipment, structures, cemeteries, and roadways.

The Road Department employees control maintenance of 54.45 center line miles of roadway and accompanying road right-of-way. Maintenance duties for the Department include: roadway patching and crack sealing, storm sewer maintenance, guardrail maintenance, litter control, snow and ice control, rural roadside mowing, street sweeping, traffic sign maintenance, roadside tree trimming and noxious weed spraying. Annual contracted resurfacing programs and permit/inspection services for excavations within the right-of-way are other procedures controlled by the Road Department.

In addition to the Township maintained roadways, there are other streets located within Xenia Township that are controlled and maintained by the Greene County Engineer’s office and the Ohio Department of Transportation. Contact Greene County at 937-562-7500 and ODOT at 937-426-7882. 


Work Along Permit

Driveway Mailbox Permit

Meet the Road Crew


Jim came to us with just short of 20 years’ road experience with the City of Fairborn where he held positions as a heavy equipment operator, crew leader, and foreman (crew leader/foreman the last 10 years). He has been involved with every aspect of road maintenance and coordinating efforts across multiple departments from animal control, the police department, to waste management.  He received Employee of the Year twice out of the four times he was nominated.  In his 5 years at Xenia Township people,  always comment on his dedication to doing things right the first time and taking ownership of any project until it meets his high standard of satisfaction.

“I try to learn something new every day,” he says. Regarding his Xenia Township workforce, he goes on to say, “ With the seasoned road crew we have here at the Township, they have a lot to show me. I look forward to bringing in my experiences and learning from the practices at the Township”.

Jim Joined our team in 2014


Ronnie Shaw   1998

Ethan Randall   2019

Nick Shaw         2021


Special recognition was given by the Xenia Township Board of Trustees to two of their three Full-Time Road Employees, Mr. Roger Morris  and Mr. Ronnie Shaw who have been awarded Level 1 and Level 2 Road Scholar Status from the Ohio LTAP Training Recognition program. The LTAP program has only awarded a total of 250 people the Road Scholar Status out of Ohio’s 12 ODOT Districts, 88 Counties, 251 Cities, 681 Villages and 1,309 Townships.
Ohio’s Local Transportation Assistance Program (LTAP) is part of a nationwide network of technology transfer centers that provide training and technical assistance to local government employees. It is an office housed within the Ohio Department of Transportation, and co-funded by ODOT and the Federal Highway Administration.           
The Trustees also acknowledged these three Road Department Employees for their hard work and dedication to personal excellence and professional development.

Xenia Township
Mailbox Replacement Policy

Xenia Township has adopted the following policy for mailboxes damaged directly by Township crews
during snow plowing:
The Xenia Township Road Department makes every effort to protect the integrity of property
owner’s mailboxes. However during periods of heavy snow accumulation mailboxes are sometimes
damaged as a result of winter plowing operations. On most occasions they are knocked down or
damaged by the force of the snow coming off the plow.
Property owners are encouraged to inspect their mailboxes and posts prior to the winter
season each year and to replace or replace deteriorated mailboxes or posts to ensure their durability.
Your mailbox should be designed and constructed to stand up to the rigors of the winter plowing
season. Massive supports such as telephone poles, heavy metal posts, bricks or other similar items are
considered hazards and should not be used. Any mailbox support should be designed so that if it is
struck, it will bend, break or fall away from the striking vehicle to prevent severe damage to the vehicle
or injury to the traveling public.
While government agencies are not required to replace or repair damaged mailboxes that sit on
public right-of-way, we choose to do so as a courtesy. If your mailbox or post is damaged as a result of
direct contact from our equipment we will repair or replace it. Mailboxes damaged by thrown or pushed
snow does not warrant replacement.
Xenia Township will not replace non-standard, specialty or exotic type mailboxes. Xenia
Township will only use a breakaway type post (4”x4” post) and a standard U.S. Postal Service approved
light weight steel mailbox. Reapplication of numbers and lettering is the homeowner’s responsibility.



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